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Not long after Christmas I decided that I was going to re-do my bedroom at home. Moving back into my old room after Uni was weird to say the least and the space left me feeling really uninspired, almost like I was still only visiting. The wallpaper that I’d once thought was the BEST thing ever, now was kind of boring and reminded me of being 16/17. So I devised a lil’ plan… mostly in the form of Pinterest mood boards & tirelessly stalking homeware websites to see what kind of space I wanted.

I decided that the magnolia walls and wallpaper had to go, and that I was going to paint it all white meaning that the colour would come from the soft furnishings such as bedding, cushions and throws. This means if I ever get bored with the colours, I can just swap over cushion covers etc and have a bit of a different look.


So, it turns out that I don’t really have many pictures of what my room looked like before?! It had a single bed, wallpaper on two walls opposite each other and the rest was ya good ol’ magnolia. The colour scheme for decorations and bedding were white and duck egg blue/mint. I really loved this colour combination when it was done and still think it looks really nice but just felt like I wanted something brighter and more modern feeling.

This was after we’d just stripped wallpaper from the first wall (aka the fiddliest job in the entire universe). It’s wet by the way… that’s not mould. Looks suspect though lol. Also, yes that is a Pusheen cushion and it’s hands down one of the best things that I’ve ever been given – shoutout to my friend Hellen who bought it for my birthday in the 2nd year of Uni. 10/10 comfort.

After the first coat of paint

Let me just interject and say that I thought I was a pretty laid-back gal, maybe even a gal who could eventually renovate an entire house. That is until I started rolling the ceiling with paint and the ceiling texture started crumbling off and leaving big patches all over the place *insert strop here*. All worked out fine though, who would’ve thought?

Paint done, new carpet & furniture going in

A double bed… if I could insert all the hands in the air emojis I would do so. This is the Emma mattress – basically like an Eve mattress but it worked out to be cheaper. I don’t know much about mattresses but it’s memory foam and really comfortable so there you go. There are usually discount codes around as well so it’s good to keep an eye out. I found one on YouTube where someone was working with the brand and happened to have a code, so have a little search if you’re looking for a new one!


Bedding – Urban Outfitters
Moon banner – Urban Outfitters
Shelf – La Redoute
Bed throw – Christy

Obviously ya gal has the mini eggs to hand. This bedding is from Urban Outfitters and is still on sale! I immediately loved it when I saw it, which is strange as usually I gravitate towards plain bedding. Couldn’t resist the ol’ leopard print though and I’m really happy with how it looks with the H&M cushions. Originally, I was looking for a bigger shelf and was a bit surprised when this tiny little thing turned up, but I actually don’t mind it… I also couldn’t be bothered to send it back. It works!

Bed frame – Made
Cushion covers – H&M – pink / green
Bedside table (similar) – La Redoute
Lamp base (similar) – Oliver Bonas
Light-bulb – Oliver Bonas
‘Morning News’ print – 83 Oranges on Arthaus
Gold frame – Matalan

This print is from Arthaus and is by the artist 83 oranges. It didn’t come with the frame but was a standard size (8×10 I believe) so I just went into Matalan and found a gold one, which I think works pretty well.

Up to No Good print – Oliver Bonas
Moon print – Desenio
Face outline print – Desenio
Monstera leaf print – Juniqe
Palm leaves mustard print – Juniqe
Green & pink colour print – Juniqe

I knew that I definitely wanted more artwork in the room so I went online and found Desenio & Juniqe – both similar sites that have pretty affordable prints and frames making it really easy to get everything at once. The ‘up to no good’ print is from Oliver Bonas and I saw it on Megan Ellaby’s Instagram (her interiors are bloody beautiful). I love the little pop of orange it gives to the gallery wall and in terms of being up to no good, if that involves sneaking food from the kitchen, yep I’m always up to no good.

Tassel basket – Matalan

In my ‘old’ room I had 2 chests of drawers and a dressing table, which I either sold or took to the tip. It isn’t the biggest room and so with the double bed I wanted everything else to be quite minimal. I saw lots of people using belly baskets (I think that’s what their called) on Pinterest and thought this would be a really nice way to store make-up and hair stuff. I have my full length mirror leaning on the wall next to them and so I think it works quite well.

I also opted for some under-bed storage to store some more bits and bobs like shoes, bags and pj’s – basically anything else that I couldn’t hang up in the fitted wardrobe. These ones are from Ikea and weren’t the cheapest, but I really like how they looked compared to other ones I had seen.

Under-bed storage – Ikea
Wall banner – Pinfold creations

Just wanted to give a little mention to my cute little wall banner by Pinfold Creations. You can personalise your own and so I chose lyrics from my favourite song and I’m so chuffed with it! It’s so well made and really adds something to the room, would definitely recommend!

We’re finally at the end of the hefty post!
I hope you enjoyed having a little look at what I collected for my room. I am really happy with how it’s turned out and it was so nice to have my own little project of rethinking the space. If there’s anything that you’ve seen that I didn’t link and wanted to know about, don’t be afraid to send me a message and I’ll let you know!

Thank you for reading!

L x


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