Brighton Photo-Diary

Hello everyone!

Today I’m back with another photo-diary and this time it’s Brighton.

My Mum and I recently booked a three day getaway to Brighton and I was SO excited to finally have a trip booked, especially as it was to the seaside. I hadn’t been to Brighton for years (I vaguely remember that last time involved 8 year old me freaking out about a Dr Who exhibition on the Pier), and so I was really looking forward to visiting again. We booked a beautiful AirBnb and in all honesty I never wanted to leave; I was fully ready to move in there.

The AirBnb

I’m one of those people that trawls through AirBnb and saves loads of apartments/houses that I’d love to stay in. Maxine’s home ‘The Oak’ had been on my Brighton saved list for a while and I finally got to stay there! The pictures on the website are beautiful but it’s even more stunning in real life, like all of those houses you see on Pinterest but you’re there IRL swanning around pretending you live there.

The world’s most comfortable bed, 10/10 sleep. I also never knew that a feather ceiling-light was something I needed but yeh, essential. Would definitely recommend Maxine’s home if you’re thinking of staying in Brighton for a few days!

Obviously not sponsored *I wish* but I have a little discount, which means you can get £25 travel credit if you sign up to AirBnb using my link. It also means that I’ll get £15 off my next trip if you book something which is pretty cool, funding each other’s travels and all that! 


Exploring Brighton 

We both really enjoyed the walk into town especially down the streets lined with rainbow houses, picking the ones that we’d like to live in. We also didn’t get lost, which is a miraculous occurrence seeing as I was in charge of directions, granted using the Maps App but still… I’m clinging to this victory.

Spiderplant shop – 3 Gardner St

Workshop Living – 13a Prince Albert St 

There are SO many amazing shops to explore in Brighton. One of my favourites was Workshop Living, a relatively small shop but full of the most amazing minimalist interior pieces and carefully curated clothing items. That alliteration, it’s like GCSE English all over again. I bought two little Cereal City-Guides, which are full of inspiration and beautiful imagery. I went for London and Copenhagen.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Brighton trip without a lil’ gander down to the sea-front and along the Pier. Admittedly I was slightly terrified when we were on the Pier as I kept glancing down and picturing dropping my phone through the slats, young people these days *rolls eyes*.

Me when I’m hangry trying to find somewhere to have lunch.

SPEAKING of food…

Boho Gelato – 6 Pool Valley

Dum Dum Donuts – 10 Brighton Square 

Redroaster – 1D St James’s Street 

Food was a highlight. When is food not a highlight for me? Redroaster for brunch is a MUST, I was surprised when the food actually lived up to the hype that I’d seen on Instagram. It was lovely interior wise and the food did not disappoint. I haven’t got any photos but we went to The Independent, a pub near our AirBnb and it had such a nice menu, friendly staff and a really cool atmosphere in general. Our host Maxine recommended it to us and we booked in advance as it can get quite busy. Also, gelato. It needs no explanation, it just has to be done when you’re by the sea.

It was so nice to come down to Brighton and just fully relax with my Mum. It’s somewhere I would love to live and I hope to come back really soon to explore some more. If you’ve got any recommendations for places I need to visit on my return please comment below and also please let me know if you enjoy the Photo-Diary posts as I love putting them together!

L x


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