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Hello lovely people!

I’m BACK. It’s been a wee while hasn’t it? I apologise for the complete lack of content over here recently but I have been meaning to do this post as last month I turned 22 and thought it would be fun to do 22 facts about me. I started this blog in 2016 and haven’t done one of these posts before and so this is for you to get to know me a bit better! I hope you enjoy reading through some random facts that came to mind and hopefully don’t get too bored lol. Here we go!


My full name is Elizabeth but nobody ever calls me that, I actually sometimes forget that’s even my name. Most people call me Lib.


I was born on the 22nd April 1996 making me 22 years old. I couldn’t wait to get to the hospital and so was born outside my house in the parked ambulance. What a lil’ sneak.


I have a 2:1 in Psychology and went to Leeds Beckett Uni.


I never thought I was a particularly fussy eater until recently. I don’t like the majority of cooked vegetables and don’t really eat that much meat, although I’m not a vegetarian. I would like to transition to vegetarianism eventually though.


I absolutely LOVE fruit though. Strawberries, Peaches and Raspberries are my faves.


Ru Paul’s Drag Race is one of my favourite shows ever. I can’t even describe to you how involved I get in every series, it brings me so much joy. Some of my favourite queens of all time are Sharon Needles, Valentina, Chi-Chi De-Vayne and more recently Blair St Clare. I LOVE THEM ALL TBH.


I’m a very food orientated person and if somebody gives/buys me food I am instantly happy. Once my friend Olivia gave me the second stick of her Kinder Bueno and I could’ve cried with joy. What a SAINT.


I hated Maths at school and I still hate it now. There’s something about numbers that makes me so panicky and I used to get so frustrated at school when I couldn’t do something, which was most of the time lol. Got a C in the end though, I will happily take that.


The Little Mermaid is my all-time favourite Disney film and I find it so comforting to watch as it reminds me of being little and wanting to be a mermaid so badly. *Bonus Fact* Once I wrote on my Christmas list that I wanted a Merman and my family were like what the HELL is a merman? Duh, obviously a male mermaid, god. I never got said Merman.


On the subject of when I was younger my Uncle got me a Cindy doll for my birthday when I was like 6 or 7 and I was majorly into Barbies. It felt like I was betraying her by playing with a Cindy doll and so I decided to unclothe her, put her in the cupboard under the TV at my dad’s house and call her ‘naked Alan’. She still lives there to this day and I can’t say I’m proud of my actions but there you go.


I love nothing more than sitting down with a good book. I’ve just finished ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ by Robert Galbraith, which I believe is J.K. Rowling’s pseudonym. I absolutely loved it and would definitely recommend if you’re into murder mysteries.


I’m obsessed with Podcasts, so much so that I wrote a post about some of my faves here. A few extra that I’ve discovered since then are ‘Keeping it Candid’ by Millie Cotton & Sophie Milner and Happy Place by Fearne Cotton, I would recommend both of those for sure.


Peonies are my favourite flowers, I know, Blair Waldorf over here.


Instagram is one of the apps that I use the most and I still love it despite all the changes they’ve been making recently *cough* algorithm *cough*. I love making collections of photos I’ve seen for inspiration.


I’ve always loved to write. I can remember buying a book from ‘The Works’ about writing your first novel when I was six or seven-ish. Haven’t QUITE nailed that yet but who knows, watch this space.


My favourite colour is Mint Green because I love Fiat 500’s in that colour. CALL ME BASIC, CALL ME FIAT 500 TWITTER but they’re so cute and I love them.


I hate rollercoasters SO much. Even the log-flume at Alton Towers sent me into a state of trauma. I’m definitely the friend that waits with the bags and watches on in terror.


I am one of those annoying people that quotes along when watching films that I really like. I can do this with most Pixar films, School of Rock and Will Ferrell films. I’m VERY aware that it’s infuriating and yet still do it, much to everyone’s enjoyment.


I’ve got 2 pets, a cat called Mia and a dog called Moss. My mum’s friend gave us Mia as she couldn’t keep her anymore and we got Moss from the Dog’s Trust in June last year. Both 10/10 sweet angels and I love them with my entire being.


Looking on Right-Move at all the houses for sale is one of my favourite things to do. What do you mean I can’t afford this terraced house in Kensington? Hurt and disappointed.


I have an eclectic music taste and like a bit of everything. If it’s catchy I’ll probably listen to it. I always find myself listening to the classics though and you honestly can’t beat a bit of David Bowie, ever.


My star-sign is Taurus and I love reading my horoscope. I’m not entirely convinced about astrology but it’s fun reading about how your month is going to be good for finances and then falling victim to 20% off on ASOS. Ah well, how much can you trust predictions in the back of a Cosmo.

So that’s my 22! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better and don’t think I’m a freak. I can’t really object though, I mean, Naked Alan.

Catch you in the next post!

L x


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