5 People To Watch This Vlogmas

Pinch Punch, first of the month!

December marks the start of the BEST month in my opinion. It’s no secret that I love everything about Christmas and one of the many things I look forward to is Vlogmas. Vlogs are hands down my fave YouTube videos to watch all year round and so throw that into the mix with loads of festive cheer and I’m a happy chappy. Most of the people I’m subscribed to will do a Vlogmas type of thing every year and my subscription box goes MENTAL.

It can be so crazy trying to keep up, but I do find myself prioritising some more than others. These are the people that I’m going to be watching without fail; some are old favourites and some are people that are newer to me but I’m loving their content.


You most likely know Zoe, or at least will have heard of her. I feel like Zoe is a gal after my own heart when it comes to festivities and going completely over the top with it. I can 100% relate with how excited she gets about Christmas and she always seems to be doing fun and festive things in her Vlogmas videos. I would definitely recommend giving her vlogs a go if you haven’t already, plus she has the cutest pug ever and I hope to see her in some sort of festive attire. Weird?

Tanya Burr

Like Zoe, Tanya always makes me feel super festive. She recently released a book called ‘Tanya’s Christmas‘ and I couldn’t resist picking up a copy. It’s full of amazing things such as arts and crafts, make-up tips and my favourite part, the baking! Loads of hard work has gone into it and I’m excited to whack on the ol’ apron and get baking. Expect to see some festive bakes, Christmas shopping and some beautiful make-up looks to inspire you.

Emma’s Rectangle

Emma’s channel is one that I’ve discovered relatively recently and I bloody adore watching her videos. She does fab make-up tutorials, ASOS hauls and this year is doing Vlogmas! She’s uploading everyday in the run up to Christmas – some vlogs and some make-up/fashion related videos. I can’t wait for her uploads this month and if you’re not subscribed to her already, go and check her out because she’s bloody brill and makes me laugh all the time.

Emma Hill 

Another Emma that I started to watch this year is Emma Hill, basically the most fashionable person I’ve ever seen tbh. I had seen her style pics on Instagram but hadn’t realised that she had a channel until my friend Annabel recommended that I watch some of her videos. HOOKED. It probably sounds so weird but I know I’m going to like someone when they’re really sarcastic and Emma’s outlook on her husband Simon’s hat choices give me life. Just a warning before you head over to her channel, you’ll want to buy everything that she wears. It’s December though, treat yourself!?

Hello October

Last but by certainly no means least is Suzie (Hello October). Suzie recently did Vlogtober (vlogging everyday in October) and I found myself watching all of them, so as a result was so sad when the month ended! That’s why I was so happy to find out that she’s doing Vlogmas so I need not fear. I like Suzie’s videos because they’re so varied; one day could be really jam-packed and out and about whilst others will be so much more chilled, for example sat down with the camera unboxing her blogger mail or having a general chit-chat. They’re super relaxed and easy to watch and Suzie comes across as a really genuine and cool gal.


These are my Top 5 gals doing Vlogmas this year, I’m honestly so excited and I’m not sorry about it. Let me know in the comments if you’re excited for Vlogmas and who you’d recommend. Thanks for reading!


L x


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