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When Glossier started shipping to the UK in early October I speedily made an order and was pleasantly surprised to receive a little sample of their new launch, a fragrance. Glossier You is the first fragrance that the brand have released and they’ve done a bloody good job. On first application it instantly reminded me of the Elizabeth & James Nirvana White which is light, feminine and has a powdery floral scent. Glossier You also has a light and clean smell but its base notes are different to Nirvana White.

Base Notes:

Ambrette – Comfy & Warm

Ambrox – Smooth, Salty & Animalistic

Musk – Long-lasting, Addictive

I don’t know if I can quite detect base notes of ‘Animalistic’ lol… but I can definitely smell the warm and smooth base notes, which work perfectly alongside the musk. From doing a little bit of research I now know that the Elizabeth & James fragrance also has this musk base note and so would explain a slight similarity. Glossier say that you are the first ingredient of this scent and upon application it will change to suit you. This could make it smell different on each person, a bit like Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules which reacts to your pheromones. All sounds a bit mental doesn’t it, but it definitely adds a little quirk.

Lasting Power is something that is essential for me in a fragrance. If a perfume has no longevity then in my opinion it’s a waste of money, what’s the point!? I’ve read some negative reviews in terms of the lasting power and so I was a little apprehensive, even though the sample I received lingered on my skin throughout the day. I wore it all day yesterday and could still smell it in the evening so I’m pretty impressed with that, although it’s definitely more of a subtle scent as opposed to something like the Jo Malone colognes that really pack a punch.

Price wise it is definitely up there with the higher-end fragrances on the market. It’s £45 for 50ml which isn’t actually that bad – a 30ml Jo Malone perfume will also set you back £45 for example, however these are more concentrated and so you don’t need to spray as much. I bought mine through their Black Friday deal so I got 20% off, free shipping and also had £20 store credit… basically, I got a total steal. I do really love the fragrance and so would consider purchasing it again once it runs out, but I do understand that £45 is pretty expensive to pay if you’ve never smelt it before. Hopefully they’re still sending out little samples with their online orders as this really helped me to make a decision.

Finally, the packaging. Glossier teased us on social media with little shadows and snippets of what the bottle was going to look like. I must say at first I was underwhelmed when they revealed it; it’s sort of plain and doesn’t really look like a luxury product. It has grown on me, I like the red cap contrasted with the clouded, pastel-pink bottle and it’s made of glass so it’s weighty and feels nice to hold.

All in all, Glossier You is a really pleasant fragrance and I’m looking forward to using it some more. I love all things floral and musky smelling and so if you think that’s your cup of tea, I’d definitely suggest giving it a try. Let me know if you give it a go or what other Glossier products you’re loving!

L x


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