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Sooo… now that Halloween is over, you know what I’m going to be going on about from here on don’t you?

I DO understand that for some people it is HIGHLY annoying seeing advent calendars, Christmas trees and hearing people like me singing ‘All I want for Christmas’ in November…but I’ll spare you that and we’ll talk about something that is festive without involving Mariah Carey. Around this time of year all the high-street shops start getting in their party-worthy pieces and a few have really caught my eye. I also know that a lot of places have their staff-do’s in Late November and so I’ve compiled a little wish-list that might inspire you! I found some beautiful occasion dresses on Warehouse’s website, which is somewhere that I haven’t really looked on before but was seriously surprised at how many amazing things they had to offer. When it comes to occasion dressing, I think it’s a really good idea to shop around and not just stick to the brands that you always go for. It makes it more fun and you can find some really good options that aren’t extortionately priced – Pretty Little Thing shoutout to you.

First up, embellished pieces make it really easy to achieve a ‘Christmassy’ outfit as they make you look really pulled together but also super festive without having to pull out those pom-pom/tinsel earrings that you actually hate with your whole soul. You can also choose where on the scale to go, whether that’s fully loaded with sequins or just a small jewel detailing. Looking like a glitter ball is not for everyone but if you can’t get all jazzed up around Christmas when can you?!

Warehouse Sequin Dress £59 – link here 

Warehouse Embellished Neck Dress £59 – link here 

Topshop Star Embellished Slip Dress £95 – link here 

Motel Rocks Sequin Burgundy Midi Dress £55 – link here  

Velvet as a texture is also a staple around this time of year. I particularly love velvet mini-dresses as it’s a more subtle way of incorporating the festive look. However, just because they are a  more subtle option does not mean that they are boring as velvet catches the light really beautifully and in my opinion looks really classy.

Warehouse Velvet Puff Sleeve Dress £49 – link here 

Pretty Little Thing Knot Front Dress £25 – link here

Topshop Velvet Floral Plunge Dress £49 – link here 

Pretty Little Thing Velvet Bodycon Dress £20 – link here

So those are my top dress choices for the festive season and I think with a little bit of glitter and velvet you can’t go wrong. I hope this post helped you to think of some styles that you might like to wear and shows you how many choices there are already so you can get prepared. I’m personally really excited to get all festive, put my glad-rags on, and eat ALL the cheese boards of course.

Thank you for reading!

L x

*This was a collaborative post*


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