Glossier Haul & First Impressions

First things first, GLOSSIER IS FINALLY SHIPPING TO THE UK, hallelujah!

If you’ve never heard of Glossier before it’s a brand that places its emphasise on the importance of skincare and has a really natural/glowy vibe to the makeup. The overall aesthetic of the website is beautiful, particularly the packaging of their products and of course their showroom in NYC (which I have not yet visited but stalk on Instagram on the reg). I love that the whole range is focused on getting the best out of your skin through the use of skincare, rather than makeup just covering all the bits you’re not too happy with, it makes so much more sense to combat them before-hand.

Glossier finally started shipping to the UK earlier this week and it felt like Christmas. I was SO excited to finally pick up some bits that I’ve been admiring from afar for a long time. The orders are shipped from a UK based warehouse, which means there are no dreaded customs charges and their website was super easy to navigate around. An overall 10/10 experience. If you want 10% off your first order then you can use my code here and this also gives me some credit for future purchases too! You will also get a code after you order to share with friends and earn credit too, I love this idea!

What I Bought:

The Phase 1 Set – £35 This set consists of three products (all of which can be purchased separately):

1. Milky Jelly Cleanser 
The name freaks me out a bit for some reason but upon first impressions it’s a lovely cleanser! It definitely has a jelly consistency but spreads nicely across the skin and feels like it’s getting rid of leftover dirt. I used this after I had removed my make-up with a micellar water and so next time will use it as a first step and see how well it can remove everything on its own. It left my skin feeling super clean but not stripped or tight, which I look for in a cleanser.

2. Priming Moisturiser
I thought this would have a silicone feeling but it’s actually really light on the skin. Under make-up it worked really well and I felt that my skin had a really plump and glowy appearance without making my face look really dewy, which isn’t my favourite as I’ve got combination skin. It didn’t feel greasy or thick and so it’s ticking all the boxes for me so far. 

3. Balm Dot Com
Glossier describe this as a universal lip and skin salve to soothe dry skin but so far I’ve just used it on my lips. You get to choose your flavour out of 6 options, I went for the rose one of course. I’m loving this so far as it feels really hydrating on the lips without having that slippy vaseline feel that I can’t stand, it actually feels and looks quite matte giving it a really natural ‘your lips but better’ look, I’m sorry to throw in that giant cliche but it’s true. 

Super Pure Serum £24
This serum is for breakout-prone skin and is also said to calm redness. This is a first impressions post so obviously it hasn’t transformed my skin from one use but I really enjoyed using it after the Milky Jelly Cleanser and found that it sunk into the skin really quickly. It contains Ninacinamide (Vitamin B3) which is the ingredient tackling redness and also Zinc to get down into the pores and draw out impurities and excess sebum. I applied it before moisturiser and before I went to sleep.

Boy Brow £14
This is the only make-up product that I picked up, and the one that I was most drawn to. I got the shade ‘Blond’ because although I’ve got brown hair, it’s on the lighter side and I always think the brown brow shades look too dark for me. It reminds me a lot of the Benefit Gimme Brow as it’s a similar sized tube with a similar shaped wand, however the finish is different. This one doesn’t have added fibres in it and feels instantly more conditioning on the brows due to its wax formula. I applied this on top of my NYX micro brow pencil and I really liked how it looked so I’m intrigued to give it another go on its own.

I’m super happy with everything that I ordered and can see myself trying out some more of their products v soon! If you’ve got any questions about anything I ordered, don’t hesitate to message me and I’ll give you some more info on what I think of them!

Thanks so much for reading!

L x


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