Halloween Lush Haulin’


Summer was fun, but for me nothing is more satisfying than the leaves falling off the trees and the heating getting switched on in the house, much to everyone else’s dismay. From October-January you will find me in fluffy pyjamas, cocooned in many blankets, OH and getting back into my obsession with baths. Lush baths specifically.

Lush have released their Halloween range and so now I get to combine my love of baths with my love of Halloween, something that I’ve never really known the origin of. I mean, I like a scary film but I do usually spend half of it with my hands over my eyes or squinting at the screen… anyway, I always get really excited around this time of year and there’s something about Halloween, pumpkins and creepy things that I just love. Admittedly, taking a Lush bath is up there with one of the LEAST scary things ever, but just look at the bloody pumpkin bath bomb and tell me that doesn’t fill you with joy? No?

Without further a do, here’s what I picked up…

Bewitched Bubble Bar  £4.25

Right, so firstly this bubble bar reminds me of Binx from Hocus Pocus (aka the best halloween film ever, which I’ve already watched twice). SECONDLY, it smells delightful. Blackberry creates a nice fruity scent and the added bergamot oil also gives it a citrus edge which is lovely.  A ‘Bubble Bar’ is essentially a solid bubble bath that you run underneath the tap, I actually have a technique (if you can call it that) when using a bubble bar and that’s to use a sieve. HOLD ON, I can justify it. I usually break a bubble bar in half and place half into said sieve and then put that under the running water. That saves me from completely scolding my hand off, as unfortunately I do not have a fancy tap that combines hot & cold. It also helps really break down the bubble bar, which means that you don’t get any random bits that haven’t quite crumbled in your bathwater.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar   £4.25

If this doesn’t scream Halloween, then I really don’t know what will do it for you. The sparkly Lush products always draw me in and it makes me laugh because I know my mum loathes them from all of the times I’d buy them when I was younger and selfishly not remove the glitter from the bath, sorry Mum. When I smelt this one I was actually quite surprised as I thought it would be really warm and spicy, however it actually smells quite fresh and fruity. Despite this, fruity scents are some of my favourites and so it was a pleasant surprise and I can’t wait to chuck it in the ol’ bath sieve.

Pumpkin Bath Bomb   £4.25

Again, look how cute it is.
The website says this bath bomb smells of pumpkin pie and cinnamon but I don’t really get that at all. It smells quite orangey in my opinion but maybe it’ll be a bit spicier once it’s fizzing in the bath. It has vanilla absolute in it and I can smell that but it is quite subtle. On first impressions I’d prefer it to have more of a warm scent as opposed to a fruity one but I’m sure I’ll still love it anyway.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and will join me in taking many a lush bath (not literally). I also can’t wait to pick up some of their Christmas range but I am trying to restrain myself and wait AT least until Halloween is over. Thanks for reading!

L x


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