The Podcast Hype: My Top 5

Over the last few years, I’ve become a total Podcast convert.
Comedy, drama, interviews, I love the lot of ’em! I started listening to Podcasts in part because of my Dad, as he said that he was listening to them before he went to sleep as a sort of wind-down. I tried it out and especially during A-Levels and Uni they were a god-send in making me feel relaxed, but also being genuinely interesting to listen to.

Here are 5 of my faves that I’ve really enjoyed listening to recently:

At Home With 

‘At Home With’ was created by two of my fave bloggers, Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton (The Anna Edit). It’s a relatively new addition to my subscriptions that has just finished it’s first season with 10 episodes in total. I was so intrigued when I saw Lily & Anna were going to be releasing a podcast that involves going into people’s homes and interviewing them. ‘Interview’ always sounds really formal; I would say that yes they are definitely touching on really interesting topics and conversation but it’s never too structured and this makes it so enjoyable to listen to. It’s almost like you’re with two good friends and they’re introducing you to someone new – that’s how I felt whilst listening. If you listen on the ‘Acast’ app, you also get a peak into the guest’s homes, which is such a unique touch and suits the conversations about the guests’ home interiors. The first season included some amazingly inspiringly women such as Jo Elvin, the editor of Glamour UK and Zoe Sugg, businesswoman and YouTuber, and that’s just two! All episodes are thoroughly enjoyable and I can well and truly say that it’s one of my favourites! Bring on Season 2 and congrats to Lily & Anna for producing such a fab podcast!

Ctrl Alt Delete

Emma Gannon is a blogger, author and all-round kickass gal. Oh yeh, and she makes a BRILL podcast. Each episode involves a conversation with a different person (or people) and there’s no shortage of amazing individuals that she has spoken to. The internet and social media are central topics within this podcast and in particular, how they have had an impact on our lives. All the episodes are so interesting and they touch upon subjects that are all too relevant in modern life. For example, Liv Purvis (What Olivia Did) spoke about social media comparison and how blogging has evolved over the years. Social media comparison is something that I do a lot, it’s hard not to when you see people seemingly living their best lives and wearing the prettiest clothes all over Instagram etc. It’s so important to not compare yourself and Liv talks about how she tries not to let it impact her content and how she stays true to herself. ALL V. IMPORTANT STUFF. Mental health is also a theme on a few episodes and this is something that always makes me so happy to hear being discussed. Emma has an openness and non-judgemental way about her, and this comes across so evidently within her podcast. It’s a space where all sorts of things can be discussed and they’re all so interesting to listen to.

Elis James & John Robins 

Elis & John have a show on Radio X every Saturday 1pm-4pm and the podcast is essentially all of the talking bits without the music. I don’t know how I began listening to the podcast but now I can’t think of a time where I didn’t. I used to listen live when I was in the library battling my dissertation and then I would listen again on the Podcast, which seems excessive. There’s just something so calming about listening to Elis & John ‘riffing’ and as they’re both comedians it’s so funny. Whether it’s Elis obsessing over Gareth Bale and Wales in general, or John talking about his love of Queen and Ale, it always cheers me up and I look forward to every Saturday so I can listen.

Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Discs is hosted by Kirsty Young, who can I just say has one of the most RELAXING voices that I’ve ever heard. She’s literally perfect as a Podcast host. Each episode is a guest choosing eight records that they would take with them to a desert island and describing why they’ve selected them. You get to know a lot about somebody by hearing why they have selected certain songs and what they mean to them. Sometimes, quite naively, I don’t recognise some of the guests but Kirsty always introduces them and what they do and so you soon get to familiarise yourself with them. Two of my favourite episodes are David Beckham and Noel Gallagher so go and have a listen if you’re intrigued!

My Favourite Murder 

LAST ONE, phew. But by no means least. I wouldn’t recommend that you listen to this one before bed as it’s hella creepy and can get weird. I was listening to another podcast when I went to sleep and when that one finished, one of the MFM episodes came on centred around Ted Bundy. If you’re unfamiliar with Ted Bundy, he was a serial killer from the USA. I must have been half awake when Karen & Georgia were talking about him because I woke up in an absolute sweaty state looking around for my nearest exit so I could leg it. ANYWAY, I digress. So, immediately you might be thinking what the hell are you doing listening to a podcast about serial killers and you know what, I don’t know and I can’t explain it. I’ve always found crime documentaries really interesting and find it fascinating to find out what makes someone able to commit such unfathomable things. Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark are true crime fanatics that essentially discuss the murder cases that they find fascinating, they also choose ‘hometown murders’ that have been sent in by listeners to talk about. I think the charm of this podcast… if you can say that, is the relationship between Karen & Georgia as they’re both absolutely hilarious and bad-ass. Honestly, just go and give it a go if it sounds like something you’d like and you’ll soon become hooked. I recommended it to my friend Kate and she became a fellow ‘Murderino’ (yes it’s even got a cute fan name), and the tagline is ‘Stay sexy and don’t get murdered’. Incredible.

That was a reaaaally long post so congrats to you for getting to the end. Please comment if you have any additions to my podcast obsession and whether you’ve listened to any of the above, thanks for reading!

L x


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