My Favourite Summer Scents

I suppose I’m what you call a ‘perfume magpie’… although, I definitely just made that up.
Adding to my perfume collection is one of my favourite things to do, and especially in the Summer.
I love to experiment with different scents, but I do tend to sway towards the fresher and more floral smells, as they make me feel most like myself if that makes sense.

Here are my chosen summer fragrances:

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt (linked here)

Jo Malone hits the nail RIGHT on the head when it comes to beautiful, and more unusual fragrances. I say unusual – they’re not reminiscent of a 4-year old me sat in the bath whacking different shower gels together to make ‘perfumes’, No. They are sophisticated mixes of different scents which go seamlessly together. I really could not recommend them enough.

This is the perfume that my mum says always reminds her of me. A few summers ago it was the only perfume I was reaching for as it’s so easy to wear and smells absolutely beautiful. I also took it with me to Cornwall on a family holiday, and so it brings back really happy memories of that. As the name WOOD suggest (10/10 pun), it smells just like the beach and for that reason makes it a really good summery scent to go for. It’s crisp, fresh and yet still has a woody depth to it from the sage. It is a pricey fragrance, however, because it is is a cologne I only ever use couple of sprays at a time as it is so concentrated; this means that it actually lasts surprisingly long making it worth the investment.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (linked here) 

For me, this is my signature scent. I first picked it up in duty free before going on a summer holiday to Corfu, where I wore it every single day. It’s such a feminine perfume, with notes of Rose and Jasmine giving it the floral notes, and lychee adding a fruity edge. However, although it smells quite florally, it also has base notes that keep it fresh but also leave a subtle musk that I can definitely smell when it settles on the skin.

Chanel say that Madamoiselle is the scent of the ‘independent thinker who breaks the rules to create her own’ – If the rules are me having a kinder bueno for breakfast, then yes this describes me perfectly. Really nailed that one Chanel.

Jo Malone Star Magnolia 

 This is the one that I’m SO annoyed that I fell in love with. Why? Because it’s bloody limited edition *sobs*. As a result, I try to use this one more sparingly, but it’s such a lovely scent that on a fresh summers day it’s hard not to reach for this lil’ beauty. The heart note of this fragrance is Star Magnolia, a really beautiful and delicate scent making it gentle and floral. The top note of Lemon adds fruitiness, and the base note of Sandalwood finishes it off with warmness and strength that is present throughout the wear. As it’s limited edition, it is sold out. Highly annoying, but I’m just crossing my fingers that this isn’t just a one-off. Please bring it back!!!

So, those are my 3 perfume picks that I’ll be rotating throughout my summer! Which ones do you like the sound of, and what are your favourite summer fragrances that are a staple within your collection?

Thank you for reading!


L x


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