Birthday Trip to London

A few weeks ago, I went to London on a little trip as an early 21st birthday present with my family. We stayed for two days in total and it could not have come at a better time as it was a perfect distraction from Uni work!

We stayed at the Landmark hotel just across from Marylebone train station, which was amazing as it meant that we didn’t have to lug around our suitcases… yes, I took a suitcase even though we were only there for two days… and I still managed to forget something. The hotel atrium was absolutely beautiful and this is where breakfast was served. I don’t think there’s even a way of describing how incredible the breakfast was; just picture an all you can eat buffet. I am actually a bit distraught that I can’t have my own personal buffet every morning, porridge will have to do *cries*.

The room had a huge queen sized bed that I of course star-fished in, a lovely robe with the letter ‘L’ embroidered onto it (for Landmark, but I pretended it was for Libby), and not to forget the marble bathroom of absolute DREAMS… I obviously had to take a goofy photo.


After arriving and getting all settled in to the hotel, we headed out to explore. The highlight of my trip was afternoon tea at Sketch which I have wanted to do for so long! The pink interior is great for the gram (cringing at myself right now) but it’s true, it’s how I imagine the inside of my thoughts to look like. The bathrooms are also an experience, so unique and quirky, which just adds to the whole arty feel of the place.


The thing with afternoon tea is that you never really know how much it’s going to fill you up, the little sandwiches and cute cakes are deceiving let me tell you, plus the sandwiches are refillable. I was SO full that we didn’t get anything off the cake trolley which I regret as they all looked so tasty; if you’re thinking of going, ask for any extras to take away with you, that way you’ll make room later on!


After we’d stuffed our faces, I then got a little plate delivered that my brother had asked to be a little extra, SO CUTE! It was also my favourite cake out of the selection which was a coincidence – more hazelnut/chocolate deliciousness!


 All of the cakes and sandwiches left us so full and so we ventured back to the hotel where we chilled out until the evening. We went to see 42nd street at Drury Lane and it was SO amazing, the choreography was second to none and I loved every second. It also made me wish that I’d stuck with tap dancing for more than 4 lessons, ah well.

The next day was dedicated to shopping and we decided to steer clear of Oxford Street because it was horrendously busy. Instead, we just had a little wander to see what we could find and this was much more enjoyable, especially stumbling across a dedicated diptyque store on Marylebone high street.

Of course, a trip to London is never complete without checking out Harrods and so I headed straight towards the Food Halls to look at all the pretty cakes (there’s a theme here), and also to look at all of the weird and wonderful things that they sell. I was close to buying a tiny pineapple but then I realised how ridiculous that entire idea was.


I had the best little mini-break in London and can’t wait to go back in the near future to explore some more. Thank you for reading!

What are your favourite London spots?

L x


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