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Reading blogs is one of my absolute favourite pastimes and as I mentioned in my Hello 2017 post, this year I vowed to read more recreationally. I’ve been sifting through Bloglovin’ catching up on posts from people that I’ve followed for ages but I’ve also been looking around for new blogs to follow as I love discovering new people. I thought I’d share some of my current faves as you might love their posts too!

Beth Norton

I discovered Beth’s Instagram around a year and a half ago and adored all of her photos from the get go. I remember seeing one of her photo’s with the caption saying that a new post had gone up on her blog, so of course I went ahead and had a lil’ gander. Since then, I’ve become an avid reader of her content as it’s always beautifully written with fab photographs. I love her outfit posts and basically wish I had her entire wardrobe, so if you’re ever feeling uninspired when it comes to clothes, go and check Beth’s blog! I think that my favourite type of posts, however are the ones that acknowledge real-life issues. One of my favourite posts to date is No Means No: Consent Should Never Be Blurry (I urge you to go and have a read), I have so much respect for Beth for writing this post and really admire her for using her personal experience to reinforce a problem which is unfortunately so common these days – consent is so important to speak about!

Liv Purvis – ‘What Olivia Did’

Blog layout of dreams, check. Candid photos against pretty backdrops, check. The ultimate travel guides, CHECK. I’m a sucker for planning trips and making lists of where to go before I’ve even booked the flights, honestly, I find so much enjoyment in searching out good spots to visit, and I always look on blogs for inspiration. Hands down, Olivia writes the ultimate guides to finding the best food, shops and activities in loads of fab places around the world. I think something that I take for granted when I’m home from Uni, is that I’m only a stones throw away from London, a place full of incredible eateries and things to see. Olivia has a series over on her blog called ‘London Loves‘ full of amazing recommendations which I’m keen to check out soon! Having found the ‘Travel’ archive on What Olivia Did, I’ve been adding so many places to my ever-growing list and I’m especially looking forward to visiting London in the future as I’ve now got so many places to try! 

Em Sheldon – ‘Em Talks’

A.K.A. The fitness queen.
Em is a blogger based between London and Leeds and I discovered her blog whilst searching for Leeds recommendations (here). After reading through lots of posts, I stumbled upon the fitness section which I immediately loved, as the way she writes about fitness and working out isn’t intimidating or too complex. I’ve taken a turn where I now enjoy exercising, but this hasn’t always been the case and I feel that  this is because I was just so intimidated by it. Through reading Em’s fitness posts I saw that I could do these work-outs at home, making it so easy to fit into my routine for days I don’t feel like going to the gym. Also, in the past I’d read fitness posts and been baffled about how to actually execute some of the moves, as it can be hard to tell from photos. If you get confused, Em’s youtube channel has easy-to-follow tutorials which have really helped me (and left me aching). She doesn’t solely write about fitness either and her travel section is also incredible, leaving me trying to figure out how I can get to Maldives on my student budget… Someday!

I hope that you enjoyed reading! All of the blogs mentioned are linked, definitely check them out if you haven’t already!

What are your fave blogs to read?

L x


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