Hello 2017

It’s rather delayed (in fact, we’re nearly at the end of January), but it’s never too late to make a few resolutions!

Entering into 2017 was lovely. I spent it with some of my best friends eating loads of cheese and drinking all the champagne… always a good start. After midnight, we all sat round and decided to write down our resolutions and then share them with each-other. It was really motivating to see what others were going to try and be pro-active about and what they were going to make more time for in the year ahead.

I thought I’d share the ones that I made because not only is it a useful thing for me to be able to look back on, but it might motivate you as well!

1. Stop being so hard on yourself!

This is something that I’m really awful at doing. I over-think and over-analyse a lot of aspects of myself, which can mean that sometimes it really gets me down. Being in my third year at Uni, I knew it would be difficult and so before I had even started to get stuck in, I had that voice in the back of my head telling me to try harder and what I was doing wasn’t good enough. We’re told throughout our academic lives that we need to be the best and compete with loads of other people for what we want; whether that’s a job, a place at university or anything else we’re passionate about. It’s amazing to try your best, but it’s also vital to remember that you’re human and you’ll be faced with things that you find a bit difficult. Finding things difficult is NORMAL, it doesn’t take away from your intelligence or your worth so give yourself some credit.

2. Read more!

In this case, I don’t mean Uni readings… although, I guess that’s important too; I’m however referring to more recreational reading and reading for fun. I absolutely love the feeling of finding a book that you have to tear yourself away from. I’ve always loved reading and would make sure that I made time for taking that down time and getting stuck in. As of recent, I have definitely been slacking on that and so I’m going to invest some more time into reading books that I really enjoy.

3. Strong, not skinny

Over Summer 2016, I joined a gym at home and was absolutely loving the routine and the aspect of challenging myself. I liked to see the progress, not only in terms of my body changing but also how it mentally benefited me. Taking the time out of the day to just go to the gym, have my music on and focus on myself for an hour or so was really refreshing. I also started to become more familiar with equipment other than the treadmill – although it took time for me to pluck up the courage and just get stuck in with it. When I first walked in and saw all of the machines I felt so overwhelmed… but it’s okay to ask what’s what because everyone there has had that feeling before; ‘what the hell does that do?!’. Keeping the gym up was something I doubted when I came back to Uni, but I have joined a gym and have been loving it – so I need to keep this up!

4. Save money but don’t neglect yourself

This is a big one for me. I feel as if I have really up and down relationship with saving money. In Summer, I had two jobs and was saving the money really well, because I needed it for a trip to Canada. I would tell myself that I could treat myself whilst I was there and so to step back from the make-up and clothes. I was really happy because I managed, and I didn’t go mental buying everything in sight – this means it is possible. Despite this, I’m still a firm of believer of being able to treat yourself and this doesn’t mean splashing the cash on something massive, but instead allowing yourself some little treats such as a nice bath bomb from Lush when you’re feeling a bit down or going to eat at your favorite restaurant. Be mindful of money but don’t disregard the little things in life that you enjoy.

5. Be more consistent with my blog posts

Easier said than done when I often feel as if I’m drowning in work but, like the ‘read more’ point, I want to do it because I enjoy it. I absolutely love writing and always have done but all that I was really writing before were essays and other assignments and I mean, they’re not that enjoyable to write because they are structured and are marked against a strict mark-scheme. I thought I’d start writing a blog because it allows for that creative output and I find nothing more enjoyable than jotting down all of the ideas that I have. I also love photography and the photo side of blogs is essentially what people look at first before they get down to reading a post and so I’d love to practice my photo taking and perfect the art of flat-lay. Anyway, I’m going to try my best to make more time for writing as life ain’t all about essays.

6. Travel

In 2016, I was lucky enough to be able to visit two countries that I’ve always wanted to – The USA and Canada. In April, I went and met my dad out in New-York and had the most amazing time (Travel: New York Part 1. & Travel: New York Part 2.). I would love to go back some time in the near future because it’s such a beautiful, vibrant and lively city with so much more to experience. I went to Montreal in August and had the best time venturing around and meeting new people; it was so lovely to be shown around by someone who had experienced actually living in the city and by the end I really didn’t want to leave because I felt so at home. I’d love to see more of both of those countries, Inter-rail around Europe and also visit the beautiful white sand beaches of Bali, Thailand and Cambodia. We shall see.

So, these are the main things that I want to try and focus on and strive for in the new year. January is nearly at an end which is absolute madness and I end University in May so I’m praying it doesn’t go too fast! In the mean time, I’ve got lots of goals to focus on.

L x


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