Bloom: Navigating Life & Style

I’ve got to start off by saying that Estée LaLonde is one of my favourite bloggers, and has been since the ‘Essie button’ days. I first discovered her Youtube channel through her blog as I thought if I loved reading her posts, odds are I’m going to love her videos as well. I hate to ‘blow my own trumpet’, but I was right.

My favourite kind of videos are Vlogs, I guess that’s just the nosey gal inside of me really showing. Estée vlogs on her channel Everyday Esteé and I love seeing what she gets up to in London especially with her amazingly beautiful greyhound, Reggie.

When I heard that Estée was going to be releasing a book I was so excited! I love reading lifestyle and beauty books but almost felt like Bloom would be even more interesting because obviously I am familiar with the content that she produces and really love her style. I can hands up say that I finished this on Christmas day, which is when I received the book as a gift. The book covers so many areas such as beauty, food and interiors, but the bit I loved the most was the part where Estée wrote about her personal experiences and life in general. It just felt so honest and I couldn’t help but become enthralled within her writing. There are so many positive messages about being more understanding and considerate of your own feelings and having more self-love, which are things I struggle with – as I know a lot of us do.

The amazing thing is that you’re able to overcome them, and I just really love how the way that Estée did that was by throwing herself in at the deep end and pursuing something that she really enjoyed. It’s hard to be brave and challenge yourself but it’s even harder to look back on things and regret that you never tried!

I absolutely loved Bloom and the message it puts across and would urge you to give it a read! It’s far more than a lifestyle book with the beautiful imagery and pretty coloured pages, it’s a really inspiring and fab read.

Well done Estée!


L x


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