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First of all, Happy New Year!
I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas break, and don’t have the January blues just yet.

I wanted to write a post about Kylie Cosmetics, as I received a couple of the lip-kits as Christmas gifts. I had been ooh-ing and ah-ing to whether I should just take the plunge and order a few colours, however, the shipping and potential customs lurking at the end, really put me off.

However, with Christmas nearing and KC offering 20% off everything on the website at the time, I may have dropped a few, not so subtle hints. And so we here we are! Firstly, I asked the person who kindly purchased them for me, about the delivery and customs when they ordered. The website was offering free international delivery (when ordering over $60) and of course there was the additional 20% off, which saved a pretty penny.

However, the order did have additional customs charges, which added £22 to the order and so this isn’t particularly ideal when you’re already paying quite a lot for the product itself. However, I’d just advise anyone that is making an order to be cautious and just know that you are more than likely going to get charged customs when they reach the UK.

I have the shades Pumpkin, Exposed and Merry (a limited edition Christmas shade). I have swatched them all, but I’ve only worn Exposed out and so, I’ll be doing a post about the quality and wear of the lip kits after I’ve given them all a go. From swatching them, they do have quite a strong sweet smell, and this reminds me of the Lime Crime Velvetines which also have the same, sickly scent. It’s not something I’m overly keen on but it doesn’t seem to linger once the product dries so that’s a plus.

Pumpkin & Exposed 



L to R: Exposed, Pumpkin, Merry

I am a fan of the ‘lip kit’ idea, as in the liquid lipstick comes with the matching liner. When I swatched all of the colours, the liners were extremely creamy and reminded me of the Mac Pro-longwear pencils, which are a firm favourite of mine. As for the liquid lipsticks themselves, they are quite liquid-y… which sounds like the most stupid thing I could ever say. However, the Kat-Von-D Everlasting Liquid Lips have a sort of mousse-like texture, and so the change in consistency is something I’ll have to get used to.

I am looking forward to trialling all three shades and will update you on what I think of them!

L x



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