Autumn 2016 Wishlist

As soon as Autumn begins to come around again, I’m straight on it. Hot chocolate, fluffy socks, big coats and it wouldn’t be right if the odd turtleneck wasn’t thrown into the mix. I feel as if Autumn really brings out my inner grandma vibe and I bloody love it.

I don’t know what it is about the Autumn fashion, but I always seem to have a hefty wishlist and all in all, I just way prefer looking for items that are going to 1. look good 2. make me feel like I’m still in bed whilst still looking sane (not my popping to sainsbury’s in my pj’s to buy 10 kinder buenos look).

Something I’m still loving is pastels. Anything blush pink catches my eye, which is odd for me as I’ve never really owned much pink clothing before. I think including the odd pastel piece changes it up from the ‘stereotypical’ colours that you often associate with the colder months such as burnt oranges, burgundy and moss green. However, I don’t anticipate not wearing these colour-ways either, it’s Autumn after all, dress like a dying leaf.

All I know is for now, sod the denim shorts, I’m temporarily morphing into a cosy marshmallow.

L x


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