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When it comes to painting my nails, I’m super lazy, especially in the Winter. There’s literally no point in pretending that I’m that girl who always has her nails painted and quite frankly, has their shit together. That’s not me. However, whenever I do have a spare bit of money, I like to get Shellac nails because they last for ages meaning that they’re not an effort to upkeep. The best place I’ve found is Ragdoll Nails up in Leeds and this is where I’ll go when I’m at Uni. Laura is so lovely and such a perfectionist, so my nails always look lovely and neat. However, now I’m home for summer, no-one else really compares and so it’s back to little old me painting my nails again. That being said, I’m a lot better with my nails in Summer and this is because I love wearing brighter and more pastel colours. I also love the amount of colourful shades that Essie BarryM do, and this is why all my favourite nail polishes are from these two brands. In terms of cost, they’re both affordable with BarryM coming in at £3.99 and Essie on the slightly more pricey side at £7.99, but still cheaper than O.P.I (£12.50).

I would say that my favourite is BarryM and in particular the ‘Gelly Hi-Shine’ range because they’re all highly pigmented and really easy to apply. I use 2 coats with any polish but I think you could get away with just the one depending on which finish you prefer. They give such a smooth and glossy look to the nails and also have a gel-like finish and so they last longer than you’re average. I have the shades Rose Hip (a pastel pink), Prickly Pear (A lilac) and Coconut (a creamy white). I also love Eat my Dust (white based pastel blue) which is part of the ‘Speedy Quick Dry’ range. This range has a wider, and more flat brush than all the other polishes making it really easy to coat the whole nail and actually, they really remind me of the Essie brushes. I only use a top-coat with Eat my Dust as I don’t feel that the others particularly need one.

L to R: Rose Hip, Prickly Pear, Eat my Dust, Coconut

The Essie shades I love are Bikini So Teeny (more of a blue but does have some lilac in there), Tart Deco (a pastel, pinky orange) and Sunday Sunday (a coral pink with hints of gold shimmer). Firstly, how cute are all of those names. I love it when brands really nail (pardon the pun) the shade names and Essie are pro at that. As I said, the brushes on these are quite wide and flat so it’s super easy to just swipe the colour on. The formula of Essie polishes are more variable in my opinion, for example, I love Tart Deco but on me, it chips a bit more easily than the other two and I’m not sure why. It’s still a lovely colour though and looks so pretty and summery and so I’ll forgive and forget.

DSC03344 2
L to R: Tart Deco, Sunday Funday, Bikini so Teeny

Those are my favourite colours to sport in the summertime, I hope you enjoyed reading and I’d love to hear any of your recommendations!

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