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L to R: Diva, Russian Red, Lady Danger, Cherish

When it comes to make-up, I’m definitely a lipstick gal. Lipstick in my opinion, brings any look together and even the more affordable lipsticks don’t compromise on quality or having loads of colour choice (Rimmel ones are amazing). However, I remember buying my first MAC lipstick and instantly knowing why everyone raved on about them so much. Lipsticks are one of the most famous products to come out of MAC and this is because there is literally every shade you could possibly desire and there are 8 finishes to choose from – Matte, Retro-Matte, Cremesheen, Frost, Glaze, Satin, Lustre & Amplified. My favourites are the Matte & Satin as they are really pigmented and are much better in terms of longevity and staying power. For me, this is what I want from a lipstick and especially with the more bold colours such as reds which can be tricky to maintain.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do love a nude lip but I feel that so many brands can nail nude colours and that’s why 3/4 of my favourite MAC colours are brights as I feel they’re really unique.

Diva (Matte) – This one is absolutely perfect for the autumn/winter as it’s quite dark and it looks different on a lot of people. On me, I can definitely see the deep red, almost wine colour but on others a subtle purple/berry shows through which is so pretty. It’s really comfortable on the lips despite being a matte formula and I’ve never used a lipliner (I just bought a NYX one to try out which you can read about here) but it’s never been hard to apply. This would be a good one to try if you’re a bit intimidated by darker shades because it still has that red undertone giving it intensity but not making it really dark like something such as MAC media/sin.

Russian Red (Matte) – This was my first ever MAC lipstick and I decided to go all out and get a red shade because as I said, I feel like other brands do nudes really well and I wanted to try something different. Russian Red is a blue-toned red which when on the lips makes your teeth look so white and overall, it’s just a really vibrant colour. I have seen a lot of people comparing this colour with Ruby Woo (another famous MAC red shade) and saying that they much prefer Russian Red as it’s not as drying. I can confirm, that whilst Ruby Woo is a stunning colour, Russian Red wins hands down for me because although it’s a matte formula, it applies really creamy and doesn’t drag at all. It dries down yes, but never too much that my lips resemble the Sahara desert and no-one has hurled a chapstick in my direction as of yet, all good things. It isn’t as long wearing as perhaps a liquid lipstick would be, I’ve eaten a massive burger whilst wearing it and things did get a little messy but that was my fault to be honest, I just love burgers. It still remains one of my absolute favourites though.

Lady Danger  (Matte) – Another matte, what a surprise. By now you’re probably sick of me rambling on about how creamy and non-drying this formula is, but tough because it’s the same for this one as well! Don’t blame me, blame MAC. Lady Danger is described as a vivid bright coral-red and yep, it’s definitely a bright one. I love orange lipsticks, they look beautiful on every single skin tone and evoke all the summer vibes and so I love wearing this when I’ve gone a bit wild with the bronzer. It stays on for ages and won’t make you look like you’ve just chowed down on a big bowl of spaghetti… which is always good unless you want to look like that, in that case, get that spaghetti down ya.

Cherish – (Satin) – I did say I liked Satins as well! Satins are a bit more creamy than mattes but do give a ‘matte-like’ appearance without being drying. This is described as a soft muted peachy-beige and as you can see from the swatch photo, that pretty much hits the nail on the head. I’m a lover of all things peach and so I always love a peachy undertone in nude lipsticks. This pairs really well with a neutral look on the eyes but also can look just as good with a more golden/bronzed eye look and so it’s very versatile (I’ve loved wearing the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette with this one as well). As a nude, Cherish beats Velvet Teddy for me as it’s just a bit more soft and Velvet Teddy pulls quite dark on me which I do like, but I just find it not as wearable and not as easy to wear with a variety of other make-up looks and so this one has it in the bag.

The MAC lipsticks in tube form are £15.50 each, which is obviously not the cheapest, but in comparison with other high end brands such as Charlotte Tilbury or YSL, they are cheaper and fall into the middle price range compared with drugstore lipsticks and the higher end examples mentioned. You can also buy a pre-made lipstick palette from MAC which retails at £35.00. In the photos I have included the Editorial Reds palette which is actually my mum’s, but I wanted to show you that you can try out 6 shades without having to fork out 93 big ones which is what it would cost you to buy 6 tubes of lipstick. In palette form it’s also really easy to transport around and it comes with a variety of shades and finishes. In this palette the shades are Lady Danger (Matte), On Hold (Cremesheen), Russian Red (Matte), MAC Red (Satin), Ruby Woo (Matte) & Dare you (Cremesheen).

I hope that you enjoyed this post & I’d love to know any of your lipstick recommendations!

L x

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  1. June 30, 2016 / 4:04 pm

    These shades are gorgeous! I own an Amplified Creme lipstick in Impassioned, but these shades would be perfect to stock up on for the winter!

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